Diversity and Belonging

At Lake Tahoe School, we strive to foster a learning environment where each person’s unique characteristics, backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences are celebrated. Our goal is to create a school community where all individuals have opportunities to thrive and contribute to their fullest potential. In this welcoming atmosphere, academic excellence flourishes, empowered by the unity and cohesiveness that defines us. Lake Tahoe School’s ethos is built upon a sense of belonging that respects our core values of critical thinking, community, creativity, empathy, and optimism.

We encourage our students, faculty, and the Lake Tahoe School community to uphold these values so that all have the opportunity and resources to fully participate in the life of the school and contribute to its Mission. Examples of how we demonstrate these principles at Lake Tahoe School include:

  • Our Learning Specialists spend dedicated time with students with diverse learning styles, abilities, and aptitudes. They also support teachers with differentiated assessments and resources.
  • Our Director of Wellness provides educational support for all students and is also a resource for families seeking additional guidance.
  • Lake Tahoe School supports social and emotional learning, focusing on respect for self and others and the individual’s responsibilities to the greater good. This leads to a stronger community rooted in safety, trust, and belonging.
  • The school annually designates significant funds for tuition assistance for qualified students and families in need.
  • Our community intentionally acknowledges a culturally diverse range of holidays, celebrations, and historically significant events in order to foster an inclusive environment, promote mutual respect and understanding among all community members, and enrich our collective cultural awareness.
  • Lake Tahoe School teachers in grades 4-8 distribute an annual student survey to evaluate and ensure our students’ sense of acceptance and value in the Lake Tahoe School community.

We recognize the diverse contributions of every student, family, and faculty member, understanding that it is the variety of perspectives, talents, and skills that enriches the culture of lifelong learning that we cultivate. We exercise equity by actively working and providing access and opportunities for all members of our community to continue to grow academically and professionally. Creating an environment where everyone feels included and supported is crucial for academic excellence to thrive. Most importantly, we anchor ourselves in our shared humanity and cultivate a nurturing environment where every individual feels they truly belong.