Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Teachers at Lake Tahoe School are deeply committed to not only developing their students’ curiosity and love of learning, but also to their fully-rounded development, which includes Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

The curriculum used in grades K-5 is The Toolbox Project, which covers the basis to being a healthy human being and encourages deeper understanding and insight and higher skill development at each level. The lessons begin with Breathing, and then move through Having a Quiet/Safe Place, Listening, Empathy, Importance of Personal Space, Using Our Words, Garbage Can (let the little things go), Taking Time, Please & Thank You, Apology & Forgiveness, Patience, and Courage. Teachers interweave these lessons throughout other subjects and activities during the school day. More information on this curriculum is available at

In Middle School, The Social Institute curriculum focuses on using social media wisely and developing skills in communication, patience, and empathy. Students learn about the power of their words and their behavior in social media and in personal interactions. They are also shown how, as they are increasingly given more independence in their lives, this also means they must take more responsibility for themselves, for their community, and even for the greater world. More information on this curriculum is available at

In a strategic plan initiative to build out our wellness program, we have a full time Director of Wellness/School Counselor on campus, Lauri Lenora, LCSW. Lauri works alongside the teachers and with parents to help our students become the best people they can be and to live lives of balance, empowerment, meaning, and community.