Great schools have several things in common: a strong commitment to their students, a well-qualified faculty and staff, facilities that enhance the learning process, and an ongoing devotion to improvement. Most important among the qualities of a great school, however, is the foundational element of a clear and active mission statement.

At Lake Tahoe School, we have all of the qualities listed above, and more. Our commitment to our students and families begins the moment they join our school community and is exercised every day in our classrooms and learning-related activities. Our faculty and staff share not only their years of experience and expertise, they also have a deep and abiding passion for working with students to help them reach their highest potential. As you visit our campus, you quickly note that it is one built for students – from our dedicated classrooms and labs, to our age-appropriate play areas, to Duffield Hall for athletics and performing arts. The simple beauty of our setting amidst the pines and mountainous backdrop only enhances the Lake Tahoe School learning experience.

Despite all of these positive aspects of the educational process at our school, our highest commitment is reserved for our fulfillment of the school’s mission: to create a joyful and academically challenging learning environment that echoes the wonder of Lake Tahoe, cultivates community, and sparks personal discovery that leads to an extraordinary future for every student. At Lake Tahoe School, “being and doing” what we say we are is our constant focus. As a result, our students from PreK through grade eight are each afforded the very best education that the area has to offer.

Whether you are visiting our website for the first time, or are a returning parent or student, please feel free to thoroughly review the material offered and to ask any questions you may have. The great story of educational excellence that has been built over the years by innumerable individuals at Lake Tahoe School is one that each of us at the school is eager to share. As we celebrate over twenty years as the heart of educational excellence in the Lake Tahoe basin, we look forward to many more.

We are excited to have you visit us and welcome you to Lake Tahoe School. Thank you for joining us!

Robert E. Graves
Head of School