Every year, the culmination of our Kindergarten through 7th grade academic journey is marked by the Lake Tahoe School signature event called Declamation. This unique performance allows our students to showcase their knowledge, creativity and public speaking skills in a truly engaging way.

Declamation is a continuing journey through the different learning experiences each grade has enjoyed throughout the year. Here’s a glimpse into what our budding performers brought to the stage this year:

Kindergarten: Our youngest “Declaimers” became experts on local animals, plants, and insects! They presented their fascinating discoveries, followed by two delightful musical numbers – “The Trout Life Cycle” and “I Love the Sierras.”

First Grade: Poetry took center stage for our first graders. They recited class poems like “Poet’s Tree” by Shel Silverstein and “Keep a Poem in Your Pocket” by Beatrice Regniers, alongside showcasing their individual talents by reciting poems of their choice. Their enthusiasm spilled over into song with two melodies based on poems about their first-grade experiences.

Second Grade: Our second graders tackled real-world scenarios by writing original pieces about how they would handle challenging social situations, aligning perfectly with our school’s mission. They then showcased their teamwork by reciting the book “Say Something” by Peter H. Reynolds, and ended the show on a high note with a song titled “No Matter What,” celebrating the joys of being in second grade.

Third Grade: The animal kingdom came alive as our third graders presented their research projects on animal adaptations. They shared their knowledge through captivating haiku poems about their chosen animals and sang a lively “Vertebrate Song.” Afterward, parents were invited to the classroom as students shared a self-created slide show of their chosen animal.

Fourth Grade: Poetry for two voices from Paul Fleischman’s “I Am Phoenix” and a chilling rendition of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” demonstrated the literary prowess of our fourth graders. Their performance culminated in a uniquely beautiful ukulele rendition of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”

Fifth Grade: History came alive with captivating individual Chautauqua performances by our fifth graders. They then showcased their school spirit with a lively rendition of Lake Tahoe School’s very own song, “Tahoe Hold ‘Em,” complete with singing, dancing, playing instruments, and wearing the best in cowboy hat fashion.

Sixth Grade: Individuality shone through as our sixth graders confidently and passionately recited poems they personally selected.

Seventh Grade: Laughter filled the air as our seventh graders brought their comedic talents to the forefront. They memorized and performed popular skits, stand-up routines, and hilarious comedy sketches. Thank goodness for Saturday Night Live!

In addition to their on-stage performances, students showcased their incredible art and science projects in the exhibition hall outside of the gym. Never have the walls seemed so alive with the vibrancy and amazing creativity of our students.

Declamation is more than just a performance; it’s a celebration of our students’ learning throughout their LTS career. It’s a platform for our students to showcase their confidence, public speaking skills, and the knowledge they’ve gained throughout the year. We’re incredibly proud of each and every one of our performers!