Application Process

Lake Tahoe School is excited to offer our applicant families a streamlined on-line application. Via our Ravenna on-line application process, you will also be able to learn about and register for upcoming open house events once you have initiated the application process. To initiate the on-line application process, please fill out the inquiry form, and instructions regarding the on-line application process will be sent to you via email. 

Depending upon applicant’s grade level, Lake Tahoe School admission decisions are predicated on a combination of grades, recommendations, interviews, subject-specific assessments, and standardized test scores—the higher the grade level, the broader the combination.

Who Succeeds at Lake Tahoe School – an LTS Mission-Appropriate Student Defined

Children who succeed at Lake Tahoe School are those who demonstrate an engagement in learning, an interest in the environment, an awareness of their role in the community, and a desire to fulfill their potential.” Students who are most successful at Lake Tahoe School:

  • Demonstrate curiosity and are eager to engage in a community of learners
  • Respond positively to new challenges
  • Are able to work independently, as well as with others
  • Contribute to the classroom and community in positive ways
  • Are comfortable in, and eager to explore the outdoors
  • Support the mission and philosophy of the School, as do their parents

Admission Procedures

  • Schedule a visit to the school for a tour
  • Complete the On-line Application
  • Via the on-line application process, request that your child’s current school send a complete transcript, including all standardized test scores, and to return completed School and Teacher Recommendation forms to Lake Tahoe School as soon as possible.
  • Upon receipt of the application form and school records, Lake Tahoe School will schedule a shadow day for the applicant. During that shadow day, the applicant will be asked to complete math, reading and writing assessments on campus.
  • Admission decisions will be made on a rolling basis as space allows.

Financial Assistance Application and Award Process

If you will be applying for financial assistance, please read about the process or applying here or contact Bob Graves, Head of School, at 775-831-5828 or An application must be completed online, with Financial Assistance candidates considered on a case-by-case basis. All returning students who are applying for assistance are expected to follow the financial assistance timetable as communicated by the school Business Manager or Head of School. Please go to the NAIS website for the financial aid application at The LTS Financial Assistance Committee will review applications and send award letters.