Middle School 6-8

Purposeful instruction, intensive skill development, and sound study habits drive the academic focus of the LTS Middle School. Attention to character, leadership skills, interpersonal relations, and accountability cultivate balance in the development of independence and interdependence in these important foundational years.

The Middle School offers a solid foundational academic program of core subjects, and a wide range of enrichment subject areas. Each year students enroll in four core classes – humanities (integrated English and social studies), math, science, and Spanish. Additionally, each trimester students choose from a variety of fine arts offerings including ceramics, design and print, watercolors, mixed media, mural making, and music. Additional electives include: small business class, PE, health, cooking, sewing, learning lab, and CAD.

With these components in mind, students are prepared and empowered for short and long-term success in social, personal, and academic settings.

  • Middle School students meet with their advisors for 50 minutes. This advisory program supports personal, social and academic growth and gives time for students to complete work, communicate with teachers and develop leadership skills.
  • A strong emphasis on the arts and technological literacy provides the basis for many creative and innovative multi-media presentations. LTS provides iPads to each student and makes laptop computers available during school to give easy access to online resources, facilitate the posting and completion of assignments, and provide exciting learning opportunities in the classroom.
  • Our annual 8th-grade “Exhibition” offers our graduating students a unique opportunity to delve deeply into a topic that is of special interest to them, and to develop their confidence in their public speaking skills by sharing findings regarding their “Essential Questions” on their respective Exhibition topics with a broad audience of peers, parents and grandparents, teachers, and school administrators.

Our 6th-8th grade students’ Math and Science achievements are noteworthy. Lake Tahoe School students have a stellar record of taking home awards from the Western Nevada Regional Science and Engineering Fair. LTS 7th graders recently topped four of the five categories, and an LTS student received second place overall among all 6th grade students. Math competitions provide LTS middle school students the opportunity to develop positive attitudes towards analytical thinking and mathematics. Students apply classroom skills to unique problem-solving challenges in a low-stress and friendly environment.  LTS students annually place amongst the top students in the country, including two top-ten finishes and a top 15% finish over the last three years.