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Community Service East Shore Trail

Community Service

The Lake Tahoe School Community Service Program aims to:

  • Instill in each student the virtue of service to others and a habit of self-reflection.
  • Build student awareness and confidence in their respective gifts and talents.
  • Increase student knowledge of the broad and diverse needs of the community.

As part of Lake Tahoe School’s mission, we strive to help students develop into knowledgeable and responsible members of the world community, and we view volunteerism as supporting this goal. In keeping with this vision, Lake Tahoe School provides opportunities for students to serve the community while encouraging and expecting our students to pursue opportunities to serve on their own time.

Middle School students perform twenty (20) hours of service each year through school-guided projects including trail work days, Student Ambassadorships, and Outdoor Education service days. Students complete additional self-directed service in the area of their choice.