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The Lake Tahoe School Difference
(Experience it virtually by clicking on blue text below)

Home to the Tahoe Basin’s only school MakerSpace, an Adventure Learning focus that expands the classroom as far as Point Reyes, Yosemite, and the Channel Islands and as near as our stunning backyard Mt. Rose wilderness area, dedicated elementary and middle school science classrooms and teachers, a Singapore Math approach that makes math meaningful and accessible to all its students, a thriving visual and performing arts program, a dynamic PreK program from which we trace our school’s origins, and a rich array of electives that have students exploring everything from CAD and Programming to Small Business and Robotics, the Lake Tahoe School is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit independent school located in idyllic Incline Village, Nevada. With small class sizes and an experienced and well-educated faculty, our academic program is simply exceptional, and our graduates succeed at the best secondary schools and universities in the country.

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