For over 15 years, Lake Tahoe School has maintained a Student Council. A few weeks ago, elections were held determining the 2020-2021 student council. Each class elected one person to represent them, and five executive positions were voted on by the entire middle school, as well as 5th grade. There are five executive positions, each with different responsibilities. The treasurer is in charge of managing the Student Council’s budget. The secretary takes notes during meetings and plans the agenda, along with the president and vice president. The vice president helps plan the agenda and runs meetings when the president isn’t there. Most importantly, the President is in charge of running meetings. This year, a new position was created: the Public Relations Director. The PRD manages communication with the student body, parents, and outside organizations.
Our new fifth grade representative is Shelby Erikson. The position of sixth grade representative, after a very close race, was won by Paul Shinnick. The race for seventh grade representative came down to the wire with Alyssa Hill coming out on top. Finally, eighth grade representative was a great race in which two great candidates competed, with Grace Berry being elected.
Following our class representatives, come the executive positions. First, Turner Alston won the position of Secretary, after running unopposed. Our new Treasurer is 6th grader Logan Rive. This year, the new position, Public relations director, was won by Jake Keil. The position of vice president was a very close match won by Tommy Williams. And finally, for the position of President, Noah Keil was our winner and will be leading the student council this year. We had some great competition along with a high participation from the middle school student body. Stay tuned for more from the LTS Student Council.