On Friday, September 8th, Lake Tahoe School students gathered in Duffield Hall to hear speeches from their courageous peers who were running for student council. The positions up for election were president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public relations officer, and class representatives for grades 5-8.

The candidates gave passionate speeches about why they were running and what they hoped to accomplish if elected. They talked about their ideas for improving the school, from making the campus more sustainable to creating more extracurricular activities. The students listened attentively and cheered heartily for all the candidates.

After the speeches, the students voted in the Health classroom. At the end of the day, the election results were announced to the student body. The winners were:

  • President: Carolina
  • Vice President: Shelby
  • Secretary: Kylie
  • Treasurer: Enzo
  • Public Relations Officer: Parker
  • Class Representative 5th Grade: Whitney
  • Class Representative 6th Grade: Elias
  • Class Representative 7th Grade: Larkin
  • Class Representative 8th Grade: Noah

The new student council officers are already excited to get started on their new roles. The students of Lake Tahoe School are confident that their new student council officers will do a great job representing them and making the school a better place for everyone.

Congratulations to the new student council officers! We wish you a successful year ahead.