Día de los Muertos is a special time at the Lake Tahoe School. The two day celebration on November 1st and 2nd included music, dance, art, and delicious food, but the holiday has become so much more at LTS.

Leading up to Día de los Muertos students learn about the history and customs associated with the day, and they are encouraged to make connections to their own ancestry and family stories. The emphasis on family history was on full display in this year’s community ofrenda located in the foyer at LTS. No Day of the Dead custom has more symbolism or importance than the construction of an ofrenda, or altar, honoring family members and friends who have passed away. The LTS ofrenda was a beautiful collection of family photos and trinkets, foods, overflowing marigolds, and student artwork, providing a powerful backdrop for the Día de los Muertos performance on November 1st.

Students from grades 2 through 8 participated in the 2nd annual event through a variety of dances and musical performances. Mrs. Barb worked with her classes on a number of songs, teaching them how to both play the music and sing the lyrics in Spanish. Mrs. Alison led an art/Spanish collaboration that was presented to the audience called the Young Ofrenda Project. 7th graders were asked to research a family member who has passed away and then capture that person’s personality through the artwork of their ofrenda. To conclude the performance the Incline High School Mariachi Group played a number of traditional songs for the audience. It was a fun and spirited day of entertainment that all in attendance seemed to enjoy.

On the second day of Día de los Muertos food took center stage. Middle school students spent the morning in the kitchen frantically cutting and mixing with the goal of preparing a special Day of the Dead lunch for parents and teachers. To start the day pan de muerto and Mexican hot chocolate was delivered by middle schoolers to excited elementary classes. Lunch consisted of typical Mexican dishes including tamales, posole, enchiladas with mole, rice, beans, agua fresco de tamarindo, agua fresco de jamaica, and pan de muerto. The lunch was a success! Parents and staff were impressed with the variety of dishes and appreciated being included in the festivities.

At Lake Tahoe School, Día de los Muertos is a special time of reflection and celebration for students, parents, and staff. We remember family members and friends who have passed on, but we also celebrate the amazing community we live in and the wonderful people who make it special.

A special thanks to our community partners Danielle Pearson with Tahoe Dance School and Todd Holloway, music teacher at Incline High School.