During Fall Trimester, Lower School Science classes participated in the 2nd Annual NDOW Wildlife Knockout. Similar to March Madness, this classroom bracket weaves battle stories around 32 wildlife species that call Nevada home. Classes from Kindergarten to 5th grade researched animals and then considered adaptations such as agility, intelligence, and different defensive and offensive behaviors to determine their winning brackets. You can view each class bracket forecast, as well as the winning bracket here.

There were 50 classrooms that submitted their bracket in the statewide classroom challenge. Of that, there were 17 classrooms that picked the correct winner. Our 3rd grade class had the highest score in the Western Region. This entitles our students the opportunity to pick a Nevada animal to compete in next year’s knockout!

From the Southern Region and with the highest score at 101 points: April Holloway’s 4th grade class at Heckethorn Elementary!
From the Eastern Region and with a score of 88 points: Anita Collins’ 5th grade class at Sage Elementary!
From the Western Region and with a score of 80 points: Madelyn Rios’ 3rd grade class at Lake Tahoe School!