The 7th grade class here at LTS is incredibly motivated to create and express themselves through art and group interactions, so Mr. Berube developed an opportunity for them to create their own board game while studying single cell organisms and viruses in science class. The only parameters were that the game must come with rules, have at least 50 spaces for pieces, there must be wild card spots, and each group had to create 10 questions from the chapter for their players to answer. See the results for yourself below!

In addition to the board games exceeding all expectations with their art, board design, fun rules, and ability to learn every single question card, the 7th graders’ test scores were by far the highest they had taken this year, and the students were actually excited to take the test and see their scores. See their reviews of the assignment below:

Emma B.: I really enjoyed this assignment! I think this is how teaching should be. It was very eventful and I had so much fun doing it with all my friends. I also didn’t know anything, but once we started playing I started learning the questions which was the point, but it worked great. I believe this was very smart, instead of opening up a workbook and taking notes, we did this.

Elle E.: I really liked making my own board game because I thought it was a very good balance of fun and being creative, but also learning the material really well. I believe that I definitely did learn the material better. … it made me feel very invested in the test and also encouraged me to study, because I knew that I wrote some of the questions.

Ryan W.: I felt really good about this study style. I think that adding in creativity and allowing us to be in groups really helps us to get excited about the assignment and be engaged. I personally think that I learned a lot more through this than I would with notes … due to the creative freedom, listening to music, being relaxed, and playing with friends.

We are thankful for our dedicated faculty and our students who love to learn at Lake Tahoe School!