5th grade donned their environmental scientists hats and headed outside to complete their OSHA training and first of three catch basin cleanings this week. They previously mapped stormwater flows and conveyance structures while delineating the microwatersheds found on campus and our newly constructed parking areas earlier this month. These exercises are part of a 14-week internship through the Nevada Department of Transportation that walks students through the process of compiling a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). This is an award-winning program offered in conjunction with BCK Programs, an environmental education group based in Southern California.

Students will take part in real-world training using professional equipment to identify, capture, test and treat pollutants entering and leaving campus. The program will focus on best management practices (BMP) design and modeling this fall and winter. The culminating event will take place in spring as students present their findings at governing board meetings including, but not limited to the TRPA. This program offers students real-world exposure as Environmental Scientists, community service hours, a solid resume foundation, and sets them apart as they progress.

I look forward to their growth and discovery into a field of science so relevant to Lake Tahoe!