Each of us likely grew up with Dr. Seuss playing an important role in our lives. Through his many children’s books, movies, and TV specials, we learned to appreciate the absurd – a Cat in a Hat, a Grinch Who Stole Christmas, or Fish that could count – all the while experiencing the joy of rhyming things and learning at the same time. Many of us also learned to read along with Dr. Seuss. My favorite was reading Green Eggs and Ham to my children each night before bed; eventually, they used their newfound skills to read the same book back to me.

If growing up with Dr. Seuss was wonderful, seeing it all come together on stage is an entirely different and exciting experience. With a wildly colored background and set, and talented and creatively costumed actors, the Doyle Family Stage in Duffield Hall came alive this past week with the joy and energy of Seussical Jr. From beginning to end, the joy on the faces of our students as they sang and danced their way through the evening’s performance was infectious and magical. Moreover, seeing our kids outside the everyday classroom – stretching themselves, trying new things, and finally, performing in front of their peers and parents – is an experience that never grows old.

After numerous rehearsals, schedule delays, and a persistence to be admired by all, Miss Amory, Miss Barb, and Miss Heidi herded the cats into a singing and dancing frenzy of stunning performances, memorable scenes, and pure joy. Where else can you watch an elephant protect the smallest of characters – all the while sitting on an egg, withstanding the mocking of the other creatures, and persisting in his thoughts that all of us count, however small? Only in the magical and enchanted mind of Dr. Seuss and the smiles on the faces of our budding actors and actresses.

Congratulations to everyone involved for bringing magic to our lives daily, and especially this past week through Seussical Jr. Thank you!