Lake Tahoe School students of all ages showed off their performing talents on stage for the school’s annual Holiday Show this year! Students sang their socks off with classics – such as Jingle Bells and Blue Christmas – and hits of the season, such as It’s Raining Tacos (On Christmas Eve). Ensembles included a range of instruments, from recorders and bells to a full-on rock band led by our very own resident rockstar (and social studies teacher) Pat Casey and his rock band elective class. One of our Bobcat parents, Sarah Greiwe, and some of our very own students taught their peers dance moves that helped them crush their choreography – even Santa had to join in!

Every year, our music teacher Miss Barb works tirelessly to herd our Bobcats into a cohesive group of performers, and every year she delivers an incredible and memorable show. Thank you, Miss Barb, for fostering our students’ confidence and performance skills! Additional thanks to the parent volunteers, teachers and staff who helped with choreography, costuming, stage decor, and more! See you next year!

Special Thanks:

Sarah Greiwe – Choreography
Jessica Nordby – First Grade Costuming
Samantha Hughes – Kindergarten Costuming
Parent Volunteers – Stage Decor
Mr. Mark and his crew, Amory Bundy, Pat Casey, Aundrea Dolan, Mr. Graves (aka Santa), Ms. K, Alison Lee, Steve Pandola, Allie Sacci, and all other faculty and staff that helped make this happen!