It’s not often that you get the opportunity to be a part of history as it happens, but that’s precisely what happened on Friday, December 3, if you were fortunate enough to attend the Lake Tahoe School production of Disney’s The Lion King Jr.

While numerous schools around the country have had the opportunity to perform the same play in their own performance spaces, few – if any – do so as their inaugural event on stage like our own Duffield Hall. Just as athletic competitions have been playing in Duffield Hall almost as the paint was still drying, and the occasional Dia de los Muertos and Holiday show have enjoyed their turn in the sun, we finally were able to mount a full-scale drama production for all to see.

And what a production it was! From laughing and mildly evil hyenas to rampaging wildebeest, smart-aleck meerkats and warthogs to overly chatty birds and a pride of lions – the stage was full of life, color, and song. Though the lighting, sound, and costumes were amazing, the true stars of the evening were our students. It takes a great deal of courage, persistence, and just plain grit to work this hard, memorize countless lines and cues, and then pull it all together to perform in front of your peers, families, and friends. As I shared in my introduction that night, to see our students operate outside of their usual comfort zones and pull all of this together is an experience I never grow tired of…

As outstanding as the cast of the show was, another critical element to its success was the leadership of Ms. Amory. Her vision, direction, and steadfastness guided the show from its inception. In the middle of a global pandemic, she persisted in seeing that the show carried on. More than ably assisted by Ms. Barb, the two paired together to create a wonderful team and give us the greatest of all gifts – an entertainment experience second to none. More than the show just completed, they are already planning to work together again on future shows – including The Jungle Book Jr. with Lower School students in the spring.

Last Friday night was a magical evening and one in which we all definitely felt the love! If there is a flaw in all of this, it is that now we want more… The good news is that this is only the beginning of the performing arts program at Lake Tahoe School!

Thank you to our many donors, parents, staff, and students who all worked to make this happen. Thanks especially to the Duffield family, as Duffield Hall is a perfect venue for showcasing our students across the board and helping them grow into all that they can be.

Next up, the Holiday Show!