Another fun and productive season of Mountain Biking Club has come to an end. Under the leadership of Mr. Fleming and Señor Harssema, this is the third year the Mountain Biking Club has been offered at Lake Tahoe School. This year’s team included Sean Kirkland, Orrin Drescher, Gavin Weber and Devon Dullinger. Everyone showed significant growth in terms of their endurance, technique, and bike maintenance knowledge. Most of the Wednesday rides occurred on local trails adjacent to the school, as well as frequent visits to the newly created Incline Bike Park.

Looking ahead to the 2019/2020 school year we hope to expand the Mountain Biking Club and double our number of participants. The Mountain Biking Club is a great way to exercise and good conditioning for other sports. Cross country and basketball coaches encourage their players to join our biking club and these athletes are excused from practices on ride days. Next year we will also utilize the new bike path currently under construction on the east shore. This world class bike path offers incredible views of Lake Tahoe and access to the east shore beaches, as well as provide even more options for our weekly rides. Join us! Contact Senõr Harssema or Mr. Fleming for more information.