It’s hard to ignore the major construction on our campus as our new Athletic and Performing Arts Center literally rises from the ground. It is quickly becoming a part of our daily school life. Between altered traffic patterns for drop-off and pickup, large trucks meandering their way around our roads – sometimes during drop-off and pickup – and the inevitable loud sounds of heavy construction, each of us has experienced the joys and the unique set of issues that construction of this magnitude brings.

During the week before our holiday break, students, faculty, and Board of Trustee members had the opportunity to experience our new building “up close and personal.” As the construction company prepared to put the new roof on the building, they lowered one of the main beams to the front of the school enabling us to sign our names on the beam for posterity.

With the beam now safely back in place, and the building’s completion on target for the opening of school in the fall, our excitement is growing. In the meantime, by lending their signatures to a key piece of the new facility’s upper reaches, our students have been able to enjoy – albeit vicariously – a truly “uplifting” experience.

Take a moment to enjoy the attached time-lapse video of the construction from when it started last summer until the present day:

Similarly, you can stay updated with the progress right from the comfort of your home by clicking on the link provided: