On Friday, March 29, Jane Goodall’S visit to our school to speak to the students, faculty, and parents of LTS was indeed a memorable one. Sharing her personal story and how she came to find her life’s work, and also her new charge of motivating and empowering today’s youth as they work to change the world for the better, was truly inspiring. Most importantly, her simple message to our students – to follow their dreams as she did, no matter the obstacles – is one that resonates with all of us – regardless of age or status.

Wherever Dr. Jane travels and speaks, the impact of her message resonates long past her brief visit. This is also true at Lake Tahoe School. As I shared yesterday, LTS will be starting a Tahoe Basin chapter of Dr. Jane’s organization, Roots and Shoots, this spring. Even more exciting, we will be doing so in a joint effort with Incline High School. This cooperative effort will be a great way for our students to actually put Dr. Jane’s inspiring words into action in our community.

Few people have made such a stunning and lasting impact on the world as Jane Goodall. To have her in front of our students, to see the looks of both concentration and awe on their faces as they hung on her every word, was a once in a lifetime experience.

In Dr. Jane’s words: “Together we can! Together we will!