Ecology Project International (EPI) is an outdoor education program that empowers the world’s youth to take an active role in conservation while increasing ecological literacy. Lower School Science Teacher Madelyn Rios received this year’s Fellowship to the Yellowstone Winter Ecology Program. EPI selected Madelyn “because of [her] commitment to dynamic education, and the work [she’s] done to date.” This 8-day intensive course will engage Ms. Madelyn in EPI’s inquiry-based instructional methods through hands-on learning initiatives and field research. This is an especially special trip for Ms. Madelyn as the 1996 Yellowstone wolf reintroduction project was her inspiration to study Wildlife Biology as an undergraduate at UC Davis. Her days in Yellowstone will be spent tracking cougars in snow, researching bison, observing wolves and grizzly bears, and travel to geothermal features. Not a bad way to spend spring break!