Happy holidays Lake Tahoe School! It is almost time for our annual Giving Tree, where we seize the opportunity to give to those in need during the holidays. The Giving Tree will start on Thursday, November 19th, and end on Monday, December 14th. For 12 years, the Giving Tree has provided many presents to aid those in need, and help them enjoy the holiday season. On the Giving Tree, set up in the foyer, you will find an array of paper ornaments with an item and a brief description of the recipient (age, gender, clothing size, etc.) inscribed on its backside. Please choose a present and return with the original ornament and the unwrapped gift, fitting the description from the ornament’s back. These gifts will then be wrapped by the student council as well as IHS students to be then dispersed to the beneficiaries by Tahoe Family Solutions. We hope you will participate in this merry tradition as we help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and other crazy events this year. Merry Christmahanukwanza!