As we celebrate Lake Tahoe School’s 25th anniversary this year, and in the spirit of fostering belonging, inclusion and community, our 10 “Houses” met for the first time at the beginning of the school year. These Houses stem from a revamped and relaunched version of one of our school’s most beloved traditions in which groups of mixed-grade students, teachers, and administrators participate in activities throughout the school year. Once placed in a House, each Bobcat remains in that House for the duration of their time at Lake Tahoe School in order to foster a sense of community and care for students in each grade as they continue through their education.

While the new system adheres to the same beloved intramural traditions and community cultivation, Houses are named for an animal, a color, and a power or quality that each group exemplifies. During their September time together, eighth-grade student leaders facilitated several energetic “get to know each other” games and led their Houses in important conversations about their names. The following is the result of their spirited discussion and voting:

1. House of Energy, light pink kangaroos
2. House of Courage, sapphire koalas
3. House of Epicness, red pandas
4. House of Kindness, grey wolves
5. House of Leadership, light blue monkeys
6. House of Fun, azalea flamingoes
7. House of Caring, royal blue megalodons
8. House of Fierceness, gold cheetahs
9. House of Imagination, car blue dragons
10. House of Bravery, purple panthers

This new House system not only encourages students to socialize with students across throughout other grades, but to take on a role of leadership, understanding, and compassion. They will next meet together in November.