Our middle school advisory program began last week with some hands-on learning in their first round of experiential advisory workshops! In addition to their regular meeting times during the week, groups of sixth, seventh and eighth graders will rotate weekly to complete a series of four activities set up by their advisors, during which one teacher leads an activity while the other teacher rotates stations with their advisory group.

For the first rotation, Ms. Dolan and Mr. Casey took their group of students to rock climb at High Altitude Fitness to learn how to best support one another and push their own boundaries with help from Coach Jon. Another advisory group, led by Ms. Tiana and Mr. Fleming and assisted by Mr. Kris, learned some basic life skills in the middle school kitchen, creating culinary dishes from around the world. Señor Harssema walked with his group to Incline Beach for some team-building activities, including a lake plunge! The final group adventured across Incline Creek with Mr. Berube and Ms. Sara, learning survival skills with limited resources.

The goal of our Middle School Advisory Program is to support personal, social and academic growth, in addition to giving time for students to complete work, communicate with teachers and develop leadership skills. With enhancements made to the program this year, teachers are able to work with students through various activities to teach skills outside of the classroom, establish common goals, foster community involvement, and best of all, have fun!

For more information on the Middle School Advisory Program, please visit the Middle School page on our website.