At our weekly Assembly on Valentine’s Day, fifth- through eighth-grade students were presented with a talk centered on International Epilepsy Day. Shared by our own 8th grader, Sydney – having epilepsy herself – the presentation focused on what epilepsy is, its effects, and various forms of treatment.

Says Sydney, “Epilepsy is a disorder that many kids have and spreading awareness about these types of things help make the community that we live in, and the world, a better place. Being able to present about epilepsy and being able to speak on behalf of all children with epilepsy by sharing stories and my own experience will hopefully help spread awareness and teach generations to come that having a disorder makes you no different than others.”

At the end of Sydney’s presentation, students had the opportunity to ask questions and were given “Epilepsy Warrior” bracelets from the Epilepsy Foundation. Great job, Sydney!