Lake Tahoe School is very proud of 8th grader Aiden Vieara-McCarthy’s recent accomplishments. Last month, he placed 4th in the country in the US Biathlon Nationals in Montana. This was just after he was accepted to Deerfield Academy, Cate School, and Phillips Exeter Academy — three very impressive schools. He selected Exeter and will be the first Bobcat to attend. We asked Aiden a few questions.

Q: What made you decide to attend Exeter? 

A: I decided to attend Exeter because I wanted to be closer to family on the East Coast and because I was excited to live somewhere new.

What are you most excited about for high school? 

For high school I am the most excited to participate in high school sports and join clubs at my school. I am also excited to learn by the Harkness method at Exeter.

What are some of your goals/aspirations? 

I aspire to make lifelong friends and learn meaningful lessons in the next few years.

What was your favorite thing about biathlon nationals? 

My favorite thing about attending biathlon nationals was staying with my team and having fun together.

How long have you been competing in biathlons? 

I only started competing in biathlons this past winter.

What are some of your other hobbies? 

Some of my other hobbies are playing video games and board games.

What is your favorite thing about LTS? 

My favorite thing about LTS is the tight community and making friends that I will keep with me for life.

Good luck to Aiden in his future endeavors! We wish him all the best.