Congratulations to our Bobcats on an amazing volleyball season. Our Bobcats played with great energy and sportsmanship. Here is the season recap.

Whittell proved a worthy opponent at home and away at Zephyr Cove, with our seventh grade team winning both games and our eighth grade team losing both games. Next our Bobcats traveled to Virginia City for a fun non-tournament scrimmage. Our 7th grade team celebrated a solid win in a 3 game match while our 8th grade team fought hard for a close win.

We set off against North Tahoe, a strong team, with two very close losses for the seventh grade team and both a win and a loss for the eighth grade team. After our Bobcats celebrated some well deserved wins against TEA, we closed the season out with exciting but season ending losses against Incline Middle School on our home court in Duffield Hall. Our final total wins and losses for the whole 2023 season is 7th Grade 4-4, 8th Grade 3-5.

Coach Casey summed up the season and his pride in his Bobcats with his end of the season statement:

“Thank you girls for your commitment, your energy, your humor, and your efforts this season! Speaking for the entire coaching staff, we are SO very proud of you all. A very special thank you to Coach Tacy and to Coach Jennings for their time, help, expertise, and support throughout the season. And…thank you parents for giving the team strength and support by filling the stands and letting us know YOU are our number one fans!”

Our Lake Tahoe School community came together in a wonderful way to make this whole season possible. Thank you to our amazing coaches; Coach Casey, Coach Tiana, Coach Sophie, Coach Tacy, and Coach Jennings. Thanks to you, our Bobcats played and trained well all season.

Thank you to our amazing players and their parents for their season-long commitment to one another and our school; all our parent volunteers who ran a successful concessions program at all our home games; and last but not least, thank you to our wonderful Bobcat fans who kept up our morale and energy. Until next season! Go Bobcats!