On Monday, February 12, 2018, the entire student body was treated to a surprise visit by Jesse Morris, LTS Class of 2017. Jesse matriculated at LTS in PreK4 and experienced the normal navigations expected on the path to young adulthood. It was a special treat – and quite impressive – to hear this articulate and confident young lady share her experiences since graduation with us. In her words:

Hello, everyone. It’s so nice to be back home at LTS!

After graduation last year, I moved to England and I’m attending a great school called King Edward’s. It’s really old: it was started 700 years ago! It was tough to get into, and primarily because of my education at LTS I was accepted. I will always be grateful for my LTS experiences – from pre-K all through 8th grade.

LTS also just helped me win the most amazing opportunity. I am really excited to say that I have just been selected as one of only 36 students out of almost a thousand at my school to go on a 4-week long expedition to Tanzania, Africa! We’re going there to work with the local schools, and then we’re going on an incredible week-long safari trek. In my application I spoke about the many outdoor learning trips and expeditions I had been on with LTS and I’m certain that really made an impact on the selection committee.

I owe a lot to LTS – a lot I didn’t realize was here: my education both in and out of the classroom has enabled and prepared me for a great school. So, make sure you all participate in the activities at LTS. You never know when the opportunity to go somewhere might come up, and if you’re able to show how LTS has prepared you, you might just get to go!