Our Lake Tahoe School kindergarten students celebrated World Read Aloud Day all day thanks to many staff members who took time out of their school days to share literature with us!

I read the first book of the day – Beatrice’s Goat by Hillary Rodham Clinton – an old favorite, which was a gift from my mom as a part of her longtime support for Heifer Project International. My kids were taken with how excited Beatrice is to go to school.

Our second read aloud was by a 2nd grader who practiced and showed off for us! After morning recess, Ms. Diana came during her prep period to share a beautiful book – My Wish for You by Kathryn Hahn.

We made “I Reading” crowns – one of my favorite things to do with kindergarteners! Mr. Graves read Little Taco Truck – we gave him a crown and he didn’t hesitate to put it on!

We were really lucky to spend time with our 4th grade buddies! They practiced reading their favorite books from kindergarten to share.

This afternoon, Coach Jon came to share 2 books from one of his favorite Maine authors, Chris Van Dusen – The Circus Ship and If I Built A House. Everyone had a lot of ideas about what they’d like if they designed their own house!

Lastly, Ms. Edwards brought the 1st graders over to share one of her many favorite picture books, Miss Rumphius. This book makes me so nostalgic for New England, where Jon, Christina and I all grew up.

Happy Reading!