Congratulations to LTS Geography Bee finalists, sixth grader Ryan Williams and seventh grader Jake Keil! These Bobcats were the last two left standing on the world stage at Lake Tahoe School’s fourth annual GeoBee on Wednesday, January 22.

The stakes were high. The questions were near impossible even for adults to answer. But ten Lake Tahoe School students in grades 5th through 8th beat the odds as they battled for the school championship at this year’s National Geographic GeoBee, with only one student qualifying for the State GeoBee qualifying test with the most questions answered correctly. Ryan Williams was this year’s GeoBee champion, shocking competitors and onlookers alike by not missing a single question! Jake Keil shone brightly as the second-place winner.

The National Geographic GeoBee is an annual competition designed to inspire and reward students’ curiosity about the world. Participating schools each conduct their own GeoBee, and each school champion takes an online qualifying test for the State GeoBee. The top 100 students in each state compete for the state championship, and then the State GeoBee champion is invited to compete in the national competition.

Lake Tahoe School wishes Ryan Williams the best of luck testing to compete in the State GeoBee!