Participation in the annual Lake Tahoe School Science Fair is considered a fundamental rite of passage, with Science Fair submissions required of all students in grades 4-7.

This year’s LTS Science Fair featured a number of strong submissions from our younger students, as well.

“The objective of the Science Fair is to give students the opportunity to work their way through the Scientific Method,” said LTS Elementary Science Teacher Mr. Ben Storrud. “Projects are experimental in nature, as opposed to models or research reports.

“Ideally the students will be able to study a question they have about something in their daily life. For example, a 4th grade student brought up testing different types of cat litter to see which one absorbs the most water.”

Congratulations to the K-3 students who chose to participate and the Medalists in 4th-7th grades!

Brooks (Tensile Strength of Candy)
Jackson (Volcano Chemistry)
Chase (Ballon Car Races)

JP (Iron Content of Cereals)

Shelby (Water Density Test)
Greyson (Beef Substitutes Test)
Amanda (Coloring Flowers Xylem)

Ethan (Cloud Making)
Maggie (Catapult Strength Test)
Lily (Dissolving Skittles)

Grace – “The Battle Between Keeping Cold” (Comparing Insulated Water Bottles)
Ryan – “Dish Soap vs. Bacteria” (Comparing Antibacterial Dish Soaps)
Andrew – “Dissolving in Water” (Tested Solubility of Different Chemicals)

Maddie V. – “Colossal Cupcakes” (Compared Different Types of Flour in Baking)
Maddie P. – “Is Light or Darkness Better for Plant Growth?” (Comparing Dark and Light Growing Conditions)
Jake – “What Liquid Mixed with Water Holds Heat the Longest” (Compared Common Tea/Coffee Additives for Heat Retention)

Katie Belle Rau – “The Lowdown on the Breakdown” (Comparing the rate of decomposition of different dog poop bags)
Sabrina Ottaway – “Hertz So Good!” (Comparing the effect of different frequencies of sound on bacteria growth)

Sean Kirkland – “Semper Wi Fi” (Comparing the of different materials used in construction on WiFi signal strength)
Ivy Batmale – “Ivyprofen” (Comparing the rates different ibuprofen tablets and gel caps dissolve in stomach acid)
Maksim Alexandrov – “Wi is My WiFi So Slow?” (Using a parabolic reflector to boost WiFi signals)

Learn more about the LTS Science program HERE.