Among the key action items in Lake Tahoe School’s Strategic Plan – Elevating Education – is the following:

“Expand Lake Tahoe School’s capacity to best support the diversity of learning styles and abilities represented in our student body.”

In a coordinated effort to address this key element of the Strategic Plan and meet the needs of our strongest students needing more challenges, as well as those students who may benefit from additional support, we are pleased to welcome the addition of two new part-time members of our faculty:

Rebecca Eller has nearly twenty years of experience as an elementary school teacher. She specializes in differentiating curriculum and enjoys working one-on-one with students to help them reach/exceed their academic goals. Rebecca will be working primarily with Lower School students for three days per week.

Candice Dale recently retired after over twenty years of teaching English and Humanities at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire. Committed to her students and the joys and successes of learning. Candy will be devoting her time on campus to working with our Middle School students.

Throughout these changes and additions to our staff here at LTS, we are always grateful for the ongoing hard work and support of our students from Shari Wilson. Shari has decades of experience in education and is in her third year as Academic Coach at Lake Tahoe School. Her strong background in elementary and middle school education helps her to provide additional support for our students throughout the range of grades at LTS.

With two outstanding educators added to our already exceptional faculty, our students have even more support to improve and broaden their learning experiences. Lake Tahoe School continues to be committed to making learning for all of our students more meaningful and lasting. At the same time, these efforts and more help us to fulfill our Strategic Plan and make our future and that of our students, even brighter.