“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver and gold” – Bob Marley

Last week, the fourth grade class at Lake Tahoe School embarked on an exciting overnight trip to Coloma Outdoor Discovery School in Coloma, California. After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, students were eager to dive into the rich history of the California Gold Rush, led by their teacher, Ms. Amory.

The trip was packed with various activities and programs that immersed the students in life as it was in 1849 during the Gold Rush. Students then enjoyed dinner and an evening program, complete with a campfire and a presentation by an Indigenous Culture Keeper, who shared the traditions and customs of the Native American tribes who inhabited the area. It was a fascinating opportunity for students to learn about the history and culture of the indigenous people.

Following breakfast the next morning, the students concluded the program before heading back to school full of new knowledge and excitement. Ms. Amory was delighted with the results of the trip, noting that the personal growth and development the students experienced were remarkable. She was impressed with the ways in which the students had matured during the trip and how the experience was incredibly valuable for them.

The Coloma Outdoor Discovery School provided a unique learning experience for our fourth-grade class. The program allowed students to gain a deeper understanding of the past and learn about the events that shaped California’s history. It also encouraged them to connect with nature and appreciate the outdoors in an environment that immersed them into their current field of study – another great example of Lake Tahoe School students living what they are learning to gain more in-depth knowledge. Ms. Amory and the students all agreed that the trip was an incredible experience that they would never forget, and they were grateful for the chance to explore and learn together.

To learn more about Coloma Outdoor Discovery School, visit their website.