Exciting times lie ahead for our PreK through 8th grade students as we await the grand opening of our brand new library, the Bobcat Treehouse Library Media Center, and the buzz of anticipation throughout our community is palpable.

The name itself holds a significant story – as the naming rights were generously gifted to our own students by an anonymous donor – and was carefully chosen through the collaborative efforts of all our students. To find the perfect name for our library, our students engaged in a collective brainstorming session in which each grade contributed unique and imaginative ideas. After much deliberation, the students cast their votes, and the name “Bobcat Treehouse” emerged victorious. The name was announced at this year’s annual gala, the Celestial Ball, and inspired our generous community to raise over $500,000 for new books, technology and furniture.

Guiding us through this ambitious project is our new librarian, Aly Nugent, who has invested countless hours into designing a fun and functional space for our students to enjoy. Ms. Aly will put together an amazing library curriculum for our students which will include working with our teachers, bringing in authors, and collaborating with the Incline community library. Between collaborating with architects and curating an extensive collection of books and digital resources, Ms. Aly’s efforts are aimed at inspiring a love of literacy and nurturing a thriving campus community.

The Bobcat Treehouse Library Media Center promises to be a hub of intellectual and social engagement for our students. It will serve as a place where they can escape into the worlds of their favorite authors, embark on research journeys, and collaborate on creative projects. The benefits of this space extend far beyond academic growth; it will be a sanctuary where stories unfold, knowledge blooms, and friendships flourish. More than just a library, we hope the room becomes a center of both learning and a central gathering place for various groups in our school community. We look forward to this fall when the doors of this remarkable library will once again open, inviting our students to embark on countless adventures between its pages.