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The Dave and Cheryl Duffield Donation Match

As we near the 25th Anniversary of Lake Tahoe School next year, we have much to be grateful for. This gratefulness extends far and wide to all those who supported LTS’s mission over the years through their donations of time, hard work, and financial support. We are what we are today because of this shared vision and teamwork. In keeping with our history of rising to challenges to elevate education for the entire Bobcat community, today, we are excited to announce an incredible opportunity for this school year.

Long-time LTS parents and supporters Dave and Cheryl Duffield have graciously offered a triple challenge match for donations to LTS for this school year. If, as a school community, we can raise a total of $3,000,000 by the last day of school – June 16, 2022 – the Duffield’s will match each dollar raised, three to one, for an additional $9,000,000. This triple match challenge includes all donations made to both our Annual Fund. Such gifts are rare in the life of most independent schools, and we are greatly appreciative of the Duffield’s continued generosity and support of LTS.

With a total of $12,000,000 now possible for the school, there are many uses for such monies. Most importantly, the funds will help us to complete a broad range of Strategic Plan and Capital Campaign goals including, but not limited to the following:

  • Guaranteeing the school’s long-term financial stability by paying off our mortgage.
  • Extensive remodeling and repurposing of various Lower and Middle School spaces throughout the main building – including designing and creating an all-school Library/Media center.
  • Expanded and improved PreK facilities – highlighted by new playground facilities.
  • Establishing permanent endowments for tuition assistance and faculty professional development.
  • Enhancements and expansion of the drama, music, and arts programs, instructional technology upgrades, and support for a community-wide Speaker Series.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we need each Lake Tahoe School family to consider the incredible value of a Lake Tahoe School education and give accordingly. As you make your gift of cash, stock, or other securities, please visit our website for more details on uses of the Duffield Donation, donor recognition categories, and ways to contribute online. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this triple match or your Annual Fund or Capital Campaign donations in more detail.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, our faculty and staff, and most importantly, our students, I thank you for your generous gifts to Lake Tahoe School. Your participation in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will help Lake Tahoe School continue to be the best school in our region – and beyond. We cannot make this happen without you and look forward to us all rising to meet this challenge.


Bob Graves
Head of School

Dave and Cheryl Duffield Donation Possible Expenditures

Through the generosity of Dave and Cheryl Duffield, Lake Tahoe School can now address many Strategic Plan and Capital Campaign goals. In addition, the challenge match total of $12,000,000 provides necessary monies for various campus-wide expenditures and maintenance projects. The list below includes an overview of possible projects for funding with the Duffield donation.

Pay off LTS Mortgage – Strategic Plan Goal

PreK Program

  • New playground – Strategic Plan Goal
  • Floor Resurfacing – Strategic Plan Goal

Lower School

  • Renovate current Flex Room: Library/Media Center/Meeting Area – Strategic Plan Goal
  • New carpet, paint for classrooms and hallways

Middle School

  • Renovate/Expand former Urgent Care space in MS (2 new classrooms, storage areas, 3-4 offices) – Strategic Plan Goal
  • New Desks/Tables, carpet and paint
  • Technology Upgrade – Strategic Plan Goal

Drama/Music/Arts Program

  • Additional Drama Program resources and equipment
  • Musical instruments/equipment upgrades and additions


  • ReSod/Artificial turf all three current playfields – Strategic Plan Goal
  • Resurface/Repaint Old PE Room – Strategic Plan Goal

All School Misc. Projects

  • Purchase two new school buses
  • Purchase LTS snowblower
  • Reseal Main Building roof
  • Add generator to Duffield Hall
  • Repair/Replace HVAC System where needed
  • Create Maintenance Reserve Fund

Endowments/Other Funding

  • Duffield Tuition Assistance Endowment – Strategic Plan Goal
  • Faculty-Staff Professional Development Endowment Fund – Strategic Plan Goal
  • Create LTS Speaker Series – Strategic Plan Goal