Lake Tahoe School, in collaboration with Tahoe Family Solutions, was thrilled to once again host the annual ‘Giving Tree’ wishes for the holidays.

Every year, Tahoe Family Solutions chooses local families who are most in need during the holidays and asks for three wishes from each family member. These wishes are then written on ornaments and hung on the Giving Tree in the Lake Tahoe School lobby. Wishes from family members include clothing, shoes, jackets, blankets, pots and pans, and other household necessities. Toys for the little ones were also included in the wish lists.

Community members were welcomed on campus to choose ornaments and purchase gifts. Once gifts were returned to Lake Tahoe School, the Student Council wrapped the presents and Tahoe Family Solutions picked up the gifts to distribute to the local families.

Every single ornament was taken from the giving tree, which means every single wish was able to come true!! A big thank you to all of our Incline community members for their kindness and generosity!