Annual Fund

Our Annual Fund provides the single largest source of fund-raising revenue for Lake Tahoe School. No independent school charges the full cost of a child’s education, and LTS is no exception. The program, the building, the amenities, and the faculty all exist because of tuition and the financial gifts of generations of parents and friends of the School who came before you. They believed in and funded the School’s future that is your children’s present.  Each year, we ask all of our parents to help cover the total cost of their tuition and to invest in the future of Lake Tahoe School. Contributions not only help to enhance academic, arts, athletic and outdoor education programs and increase the support for faculty development, but also demonstrate the community’s commitment to strengthen and sustain the Lake Tahoe School experience.

The Annual Fund is devoted to closing the current tuition gap of approximately $4,500 per student, caused by the difference between tuition and what it actually costs to educate each student. Each gift to the Annual Fund goes directly to enhancing the daily education experience of Lake Tahoe School students by funding differentiated classroom instruction, technology, exceptional faculty, financial assistance for worthy families, and a variety of outstanding extracurricular activities.

The total fundraising goal for this year is $650,000, which is ambitious for a school our size but consistent with the high quality program that we offer and continue to build.

Each of you can make a difference.  Fundraising at LTS allows us to maintain our small class sizes, to support our strong faculty, and to continue to build our signature programs, including the technology that allows all of our students immediate access to the world well beyond the Tahoe Basin. On behalf of all the children at Lake Tahoe School, thank you for supporting our amazing school.

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