If you had fun, you won!

A key tenet of Lake Tahoe School’s mission is to develop “healthy bodies.” This is the foundation on which we build the school’s robust athletic program. Participation in interscholastic sports is just one piece of a challenging program that pursues educational excellence at many levels. The Athletic Program is an important part of the LTS experience and is essential to preparing students for life beyond Lake Tahoe School. Lake Tahoe School was awarded full membership status into the Tah-Neva Athletic League in the spring of 2009. This provides exciting opportunities for our 5th though 8th grades students to compete on a variety of interscholastic sports teams, with games and meets being held all around the Tahoe basin and into the Reno and Carson Valleys. Lake Tahoe School has enjoyed over 90% student participation in athletics over the last five years.

Engaging in athletics helps our students to develop teamwork, respect, humility and courage as they strive to achieve their full potential. Many of our coaches are faculty members at the school and through athletics are able to reach students on a more personal level. Our coaches take the extra time to capitalize on key moments during team huddles, intense practice sessions, and even on long bus trips to impart lessons that will stay with these student athletes well past their years at Lake Tahoe School.

Below is a list of the sports with approximate start and end dates:

Cross Country: September – October
Girls Basketball: September – October
Boys Basketball: October – December
Girls Volleyball: December – February
Nordic Skiing: December – March
Track and Field: March – May