2017-18 Back-to-School Forms & Information

Calendar and Schedule Information:

The current school calendar is posted on this website, located at the lower right hand corner of any webpage.  It will be updated regularly and should serve as your primary source of calendar and schedule information.  Please note that you may, from time to time, get more specific information from your students teacher or coach that would supersede the master calendar here.

Important ALL School Information


School Hours & New Food Policy:  School Hours & Food Policy

A more complete and real time calendar is located at the lower right hand corner of this webpage.  Always refer to that calendar.

LTS Library Card Catalog link:  LTS Library Card Catalog

Middle School Specific Information

iPad Agreement for Students:  iPad Agreement for Students 

General Computer Use Agreement:  Computer Use Agreement 

iPad FAQ’s: iPad FAQ’s 

iPad Notes:  iPad Notes 


RETURNING Student Paperwork Changes for 2017-18:

For returning families, you know that in past years we have collected new enrollment forms every year for each student.

Starting this year, we are considering last year’s forms perpetual, so the ONLY paperwork required this year is the Emergency Medical Information Form.

We will need the newly completed copy of the Emergency Medical Information Form by the anniversary date of last years physical exam by the students Doctor.  This form needs to be signed by your students Doctor EVERY YEAR when they have their annual physical. Find the form attached on this page.

Also- if you need to make any changes to the Pick-up Consent Form, please call or email those changes to Karen Laurie in the main office. (775-831-5828 / karen.laurie@laketahoeschool.org)

NEW Student Enrollment Paperwork Requirements for 2017-18:

All NEW student families have received the 2016-17 Student Enrollment Package link via email.  We need these documents completed and back to the school office no later than August 17th, 2016. Please call or email Karen Laurie in the main office with any questions or concerns. (775-831-5828 / karen.laurie@laketahoeschool.org)

Please note that for all NEW students we need a copy of their Birth Certificate and up-to-date Vaccination Records, based on Nevada standards, before they can start school.

Nevada vaccinations requirements are different from other states, so if you have relocated to Nevada, or live in California, be sure to audit your child’s records for completeness. Attached are the schedules indicating what is needed by when. If you choose to not have your child vaccinated, you will need to complete and sign a Nevada waiver- contact Sean Farnan in the LTS office for more details on that.

Enrollment Documents: You may obtain updated enrollment forms by emailing the LTS Office Manager2017-18 Enrollment Forms include each of the following, all due on the first day of school:

  • 2017-18 Authorization for Release
  • 2017-18 Emergency Med Info form
  • 2017-18 Pick Up Consent Form
  • 2017-18 Volunteer Form
  • 2017-18 Waiver & Indemnity Agreement
  • Washoe County PreK Enrollment Form

Nevada Vaccinations Standards: Vaccines Required for School Enrollment TB 5 3 13