Lake Tahoe School’s technology program boasts popular classes including Computer Essentials, Web Design, Computer Automated Design (CAD), Digital Photography, iClass, Java Programming and Wood-shop. In 2010, LTS added two MacCarts filled with MacBooks and has transitioned from an all PC-based environment to one that is predominately Apple-centric (yet with enough exposure to Windows computers to ensure a well grounded understanding of the similarities and differences). In 2012, the school implemented a successful 1:1 iPad program in the 5th thru 8th grades. Classes are hands-on with students creating, designing, problem solving, and exploring. Our popular Robotics after-school program engages younger children in building and programming Legos robots.

Our philosophy has been to engage children by challenging them with large projects which take them out of their comfort zones. In Mr. Bradford’s classroom: 11, 12, and 13-year olds design their own bungalow-style houses and write computer programs in the Java programming language; 2nd graders build their own play houses; and 3rd graders destroy computers to see what makes them work. Students become proficient with technology by using devices and software to solve problems and to express themselves creatively. His classes combine math, engineering, computers, writing, and more. Themes and skills from other LTS courses are incorporated into tech courses, and vice versa.

As technology continues to evolve, LTS will continue to keep our students at the forefront of this important area of knowledge.