The Pre-Kindergarten Program

The Pre-Kindergarten program supports the curious and adventurous nature of young children through a rich, global interactive curriculum. Enjoyable, developmentally appropriate opportunities to expand foundational academic and social skills are provided each day by both the core Pre-K teachers and the school-wide enrichment teaching staff. The dedicated Pre-K classroom spaces include the following areas: language arts, Spanish, math, drama, building, social studies, crafts, science, music, library, physical education, art and computers. Weekly cross-curricular themes inspire children to deepen their understanding of a topic. The children are supported by the staff (in close coordination with their families) as they personally grow and acquire academic understandings which will lead to a life-long love of learning.

Language Arts

The language arts curriculum invites children to embrace reading, listening, speaking and writing. Innovative activities entertain as they increase skills and lay the foundation for a positive life-long relationship with reading and effective communication. The children experience and practice language skills through large group, small group and one-on-one instruction throughout their day.


The Pre-K children are introduced to basic methods and terminology as they explore math informally and in small group instruction. The child-friendly math area is well-stocked with appealing math manipulatives designed to develop the following skills: numeral identification, number values, shape recognition, addition, subtraction, grouping, patterning, classifying, time, fractions, geometry, measurement, spatial relations and problem-solving.

Social Studies

The social studies/social skills curriculum features weekly themes designed to expand each child’s understanding of self, others, and the world. Different thematic props are set out for the children to explore and to incorporate in their play. Themes include explorations of the family and local community, and expand to include the global community through books, costumes, musical instruments, toys, arts, crafts, recipes, and guides to many countries. Lessons include geography and science as well as including time for team-building and children’s choice.

The social skills curriculum is woven throughout each day in the form of class meetings where the children respectfully help each other to gain important social understandings. This is accomplished through behavior modeling by staff and instructional skits written by older children and shared with the Pre-Kindergarten. Hosting parties for higher grades, other schools, and families and passing out certificates of appreciation to organizations and business in the local community complete the social experience.


Students are exposed to meaningful science experiences at an early age. The Preschool science curriculum centers around active exploration of our natural world and its phenomena to nurture a child’s natural inclination towards discovery. Our everyday learning environment focuses on interactive, hands-on approaches using multimedia materials in a lab setting. No assessment is conducted at this level of development and science curriculum coincides with predetermined weekly preschool themes.


The Spanish curriculum introduces children to the Spanish language and culture. The children will explore commonly used Spanish vocabulary words and phrases through songs, games, books, and activities. As students differentiate between Spanish and English they hone their language discrimination skills and improve their primary language skills.

Physical Education

During the Pre-K year, students encounter a spectrum of movement experiences and activities that are closely related to the classes’ weekly themes. Each student reaches toward the PE program objectives by participating in a variety of individual and group activities that maximize participation and allow students of all ability levels to be challenged as they move from simple to more complex movement activities and sports experiences.


The Pre -K music program fosters young children’s natural love of music through opportunities to play instruments, listen to a variety of musical genres, and through dance and movement. Confidence building is a valuable byproduct of musical expression in a supportive environment.


The Pre-K art program encourages creative self-expression through the exploration of a variety of art mediums. The program focuses on the creative process and the children take full ownership of their projects. Depending on their previous experiences, individual inclinations, age or developmental level, and unique interests, children will express their creativity in a variety of ways. The staff encourages and celebrates each child’s expression.