Middle School

Purposeful instruction, intensive skill development, and sound study habits drive the academic focus of Lake Tahoe School’s Middle School. Attention to character, leadership skills, interpersonal relations, and accountability cultivate balance in the development of independence and interdependence in these important foundational years.

Throughout their Middle School career, students are supported in their personal growth by teachers and advisors who quickly come to know them well. Our teachers are committed to providing meaningful, multidimensional content that requires students to consider ideas deeply, solve problems independently and in collaboration with others, and express their understanding in a variety of ways. A strong emphasis on the arts and technological literacy provides the basis for many creative and innovative multi-media presentations. Each student is provided with an iPad, and laptop computers are available during school to give easy access to online resources, facilitate the posting and completion of assignments, and provide exciting learning opportunities in the classroom. The Middle School curriculum is further enhanced by a significant Adventure Learning program that expands student learning and action beyond our school walls and out into the greater community. With these components in mind, we prepare and empower students for short and long-term success in social, personal, and academic settings.

The Middle School academic program offers a solid foundation of core subjects and a wide range of enrichment subject areas. Each year students are enrolled in four core classes – humanities (integrated English and social studies), math, science, and Spanish. Additionally, each trimester students take Spanish and choose from a variety of fine arts offerings including ceramics, design and print, watercolors, mixed media, mural making, and music. During 6th grade, students also take a computer essentials course, health, and physical education. Similarly, 8th graders are enrolled in a special health class to support their particular development as young adults. 7th and 8th grade students are able to select from additional enrichment options such as digital photography, small business, coding, outdoor leadership, and study hall. Core classes meet five days per week for fifty minutes, while enrichment classes meet four days a week. Groups of eight to ten students meet twice a week with their advisors to explore various leadership and study skills topics.