We strive individually and collectively at Lake Tahoe School to bring fun back to learning, to engage our students in active learning, and to partner with our students and parents in the delivery of an exceptionally thoughtful, appropriately rigorous, and, yes, fun academic course of studies.

On a daily basis, our students learn by doing, from living the gold rush experience as greenhorns in Ms. “Desert Rose’s” 4th-grade adventure learning trip to Coloma to creating and profitably running their very own businesses in Mr. Russ Bradford’s “Small Business” middle school elective. They are introduced to math during the PreK years as they measure ingredients and discuss volume in our unique PreK cooking class. They develop engineering skills and apply what they learn in math class by designing go-karts for our annual, Maker Class-sponsored go-kart race within the Tahoe Basin’s one and only MakerSpace, where we cultivate the essential 21st-Century skills of creation, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. They learn about Asian cultures in their 3rd-grade class, then delve more deeply into the subject by learning and practicing Chinese brush strokes in our beautiful art studio and singing songs in Mandarin in our music room. Thanks to the high value we place on faculty collaboration on our campus, our PreK students explore their “theme of the week” not only within the walls of Happyland, but also as they travel to Mr. Cooper’s physical education class and Ms. Losee’s stunning Elementary Science space.

In keeping with our mission to instill a lifelong love of learning and develop critical thinkers and articulate, confident leaders for the 21st Century, we strive to – and succeed in – balancing levity with intensity in everything we do in the classroom. We are, as 2015 graduate Adrian Batmale noted, “the perfect balance of relaxed and intense.” We take the important task of preparing our students for success at the high school level and beyond very seriously, and we work intentionally and collaboratively to develop and refine our curricular scope and sequence. We also have fun in the process – students, faculty, and administrators alike.

We hope you will take a few minutes out of your day to learn more about our academic program by clicking on the links pertaining to your specific interests and questions in the sidebar at left.