The LTS middle science program works to develop lifelong learners prepared to answer questions that have not yet been asked. This is achieved through an inquiry-based curriculum. Students are expected to apply their learning to new situations and applications as well as explain their answers with logical reasoning and evidence. The science program has a strong record of preparing students to be successful in honors and AP classes in high school. Mr. Tayler frequently uses the “flipped” classroom approach; that is, utilizing class time to focus on investigations, applications, problems, and discussions, while using homework to impart necessary background information.

Learning in LTS science classes is very student focused. Much of the curriculum is taught through exploration of students’ interests and by addressing their own questions in class and through outside research. All sixth and seventh-grade students spend several weeks during the middle of the year completing individual science fair projects.

This is Rod Tayler’s third year at Lake Tahoe School. Before moving to Incline Village, he taught science and math, headed the leadership team, and coached cross country at the Rivers School in Weston, Massachusetts. Mr. Tayler discovered his love of science and math at Woodside Priory School in Portola Valley, California. He graduated from Amherst College with a degree in neuroscience, attended Tulane University School of Medicine, and did research at CalTech and the Serengeti Research Institute.