Alison has been teaching elementary art at Lake Tahoe School since 2004. She earned her BFA from Sierra Nevada College in 1991 and a MAT in 2006. Alison is a practicing artist as well as an art teacher and enjoys working in a variety of mediums. Her specialty for the past 25 years has been printmaking, but she has expanded her artworks to include watercolors, acrylics and mixed media. She is a proponent of earth friendly practices and uses recycled materials in much of her work.

As an art educator, Alison is passionate about fostering creativity in children so that they continue to grow and develop into creative adults. Her master thesis involved developing and adapting an art program, “Studio Thinking”, which fosters creativity through a working studio space using authentic art experiences to engage learners.

In her free time, Alison enjoys being outside in nature and some of her favorite activities include sketching, hiking, backcountry skiing and SUP surfing.