As directed by the State of Nevada, the Lake Tahoe School campus will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Please keep checking our website for further updates.

Welcome to the New Learning at Lake Tahoe School!

These are difficult and uncertain times across our nation and around the world. The advent of the COVID-19 virus and the need to abate its spread has placed all of us in new and unanticipated circumstances, of which schools are no exception.

At Lake Tahoe School, we have embraced the need to move from the traditional classroom experience and have worked very hard to successfully transition to a quality remote online learning experience for all of our students. While our campus may be temporarily closed for the remainder of the current school year, learning continues to thrive at Lake Tahoe School.

This unprecedented experience has made our experience at LTS even richer. I have 3 boys at 3 different schools and the interactive experience from LTS was so superior in every way to the others. My son feels as though he has a “regular” school day! I would agree. The LTS staff have stepped up and leaned into this situation like no others.

-Current LTS Middle School Parent

Central to our efforts to continue our student’s learning despite campus closure has been the placing of our mission at the forefront of all that we do. To continue “to nurture a lifelong love of learning in our students with the purpose of developing critical thinkers and articulate, confident leaders for the 21st century,” is a mission worth continuing and emulating – no matter the methods or circumstances of instruction.

As a learning community, we readily accepted – and prepared for in advance – the challenge of transitioning to remote online learning. As a school that already integrates technology across its curriculum, our students and faculty are comfortable with the hardware and software necessary in the new educational environment. For Lake Tahoe School, our two main tools for our online program are Google Classroom and Zoom Conferencing. In addition, having already taught our students to inculcate both independent and cooperative learning as part of their experience, moving those same qualities online only helped deepen their educational opportunities.

Each day, our active and robust online program includes daily Zoom learning with appropriate academic challenges through class meetings, independent study assignments, and group projects. As a result, no student at Lake Tahoe School has lost academic ground this spring.  Additionally, our Toolbox social-emotional support pillar is integral to our overall program and emphasized in our advisories and individual weekly check-in meetings teachers schedule with each of their students. Most teachers also begin each online class meeting with time for students to briefly socialize, thus continuing our commitment to community building – even in an online environment. Finally, our two Learning Support Specialists continue to provide individual sessions with our students on a weekly basis.

During this unprecedented time, each day brings new challenges and new opportunities. With their usual extraordinary commitment and hard work, our faculty has continued to lead and inspire students with their creativity, compassion, patience, and empathy – for their students and for each other. Experiences such as our current circumstances tend to bring communities together, and such is the case with Lake Tahoe School. With the full support of our Board of Trustees, parent community, and faculty and staff, our school community grows stronger and closer each day as we look forward to our return to campus in the near future.

With the links below, you will better understand our commitment to maintaining our mission and learning program. From core academic courses to enrichment classes and more, the exciting educational opportunities at Lake Tahoe School continue – even during these challenging times.

Thank you for visiting us!

Zoom Classes

  • PreK3 Monday-Friday at 10:30am
  • PreK4 Monday-Friday at 11:30am

Enrichment Zoom Classes

  • Zoom Music with Ms Barb on Monday @ 1:00 pm for Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 students
  • Zoom Art with Ms Alison on Thursday @ 1:30 pm for Pre-K4 students
  • Zoom PE with Coach Jon on Wed & Friday @ 3:00 pm for all LTS Students

Additional Weekly Enrichment Classes

  • Music & Movement
  • Language Arts
  • PE
  • Math
  • Spanish
  • Science
  • Cooking

Revised Themes for May 2020

  • Week of May 4 – Family
  • Week of May 11 – Community Helpers
  • Week of May 18 – Lake Tahoe
  • Week of May 26 – Rocks & Minerals

Morning Live Zoom Classes

  • K: 9a M T W Th Fr
  • 1st: 8:30-9:30a M T W Th Fr
  • 2nd: 9-10:15a M T W Th Fr
  • 3rd: 8:40-9:45a M T Th Fr
  • 4th: 9-10a M T W Th Fr
  • 5th: 9-10a M T W Th Fr


  • K: Science (11a T)
  • K: Makerspace (11a F)
  • 1st: Science (11:15a W)
  • 1st: Music (10a Th)
  • 2nd: Science (11:15a T)
  • 2nd: 1:1 (11a F)
  • 3rd: Science (10:30a W)
  • 3rd: Art (10a M)
  • 4th: Music (10a T)
  • 4th: Science (10:30a Th)
  • 5th: Music (10a W)
  • All grades: PE (3-4p W Fr)

Afternoon Live Zoom Classes

  • K: Music (2p M)
  • K: Art (2:30p W)
  • 1st: Makerspace (1p M)
  • 1st: Art (2:30p T)
  • 2nd: Makespace (1p T)
  • 2nd: Music (2p T)
  • 2nd: Art (2:30p M)
  • 3rd: Makerspace (1p W)
  • 3rd: Music (2p F)
  • 4th: Art (2:30p F)
  • 4th: Makerspace (1p Th)
  • 5th: Makerspace (1p F)
  • 5th: Science (2:30p M)
  • 5th: Art (2:30p Th)
  • 5th: Drop-in (3-4p M T W Th)

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays – Live Zoom Classes

  • Period 1: 9:00-9:45a
  • Period 2: 10:00-10:45a
  • Period 3: 11:00-11:45a
  • Period 4: Noon-12:45p
  • Advisory: 10:00-10:30a (Wednesday)

Grade 6

  • Period 1: Humanities
  • Period 2: Spanish
  • Period 3: Math
  • Period 4: Earth Science

Grade 7

  • Period 1: Spanish
  • Period 2: Algebra; Pre-Algebra
  • Period 3: Life Science
  • Period 4: Humanities

Grade 8

  • Period 1: Humanities
  • Period 2: Physical Science
  • Period 3: Spanish
  • Period 4: Algebra

Core Teacher Office Hours: M, T, Th, F: 1:00-3:00p and W: 11:00a-3:00p

Programming: M, W, F: 2:00-2:45p

Art: W: 3:00-4:00p

Music: weekly assignments

PE: W, F: 3:00-4:00p

Throughout these difficult times, it is just as important to pay attention to our students’ social and emotional well-being. In addition to Lake Tahoe School’s commitment to the ToolBox SEL program, we recommend the following links for additional resources and information:

ToolBox Social-Emotional Learning
How to Help Students with Anxiety
CDC Updates for Schools
Incline Village Parks & Recreation
Tahoe Truckee Suicide Prevention Coalition