For Our Parents

These pages contain information for members of the Lake Tahoe School community ONLY.  Use the current LTS login password to gain access to important documents and information.

2015-16 School Year Documents & Information (Stay Tuned for Calendar)

  • LTS Family Handbook:  2016-17 Family Handbook
  • Snow Day Notification Procedure
  • Parent Association
  • Room Parents: 


    Pre K 3                                         Open

    Pre K 4                                         Melissa Green

    Kindergarten                                Stacey Meinnert

    1st Grade                                      Leslie Hamner

    2nd Grade                                     Kristen O’Donnell

    3rd Grade                                      Kristen Ferrall, Jen Crawley

    4th Grade                                      Shay Kurtz, Laura Janssen

    5th Grade                                      Stacie Bodel

    6th Grade                                      Karen Fung

    7th Grade                                      Shay Kurtz

    8th Grade                                      Aaron Moore

    Enrichment                                   Danielle Erikson