E-3 After-school Program

Lake Tahoe School’s E3 Program is designed to provide opportunities to enhance our already rich academic curriculum after school two days per week. Our youngsters spend each day immersed in a rigorous course of study. E3 provides time we set aside for them at the end of the day to be Exposed to new ideas and ventures, to Explore their own creativity, and to find ways to Enrich their education. E3 classes are offered two days per week for students in grades K-5. Recognizing that most of our children are involved in myriad activities outside of school, as well as the true value to brain development of spending time in creative play, E3 allows students to unwind and grow at the same time.

Our E3 faculty takes pride in the selections they offer and joy in working with their students, and they prepare carefully. We ask that, when you sign up for a specific offering, you make a commitment to consistent attendance for your child.